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As a construction professional, you know how important it is to have access to reliable and affordable lorry cranes for your project sites. But finding the right lorry crane rental company in Singapore can be a daunting task, with multiple options to compare, negotiate with and not always knowing if it’s reliable. That’s where JustGo comes in.

Our app makes it easy to book lorry cranes in Singapore online, so you can find the right one for your needs and budget with the hassle and stress of finding reliable and affordable lorry crane services in Singapore for your project sites. Plus, with our team of professionals available to assist with any questions or issues, you can trust JustGo for reliable and hassle-free lorry crane rentals.


Trusted & Reliable

Over 1000 plus jobs have been posted and completed using the JustGo App. With a commitment to offer convenience, Excellent customer service and Competitive pricing, we have successfully collaborated with hundred-plus construction businesses throughout Singapore in 2022.



Excellent Customer Service

JustGo is more than just a convenient platform – we offer excellent customer service. Our team of professionals is available to assist with any questions or issues you may have, and we’re always here to help you find the right tipper truck for your business.



Caters to your budget

With JustGo, you can book tipper trucks and lorry with cranes at prices that fit within your reasonable budget, making the process of hiring a vehicle for your project site quick, simple, and affordable!





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What is a lorry crane?

A lorry crane is a type of lifting equipment that features a mobile crane mounted on a lorry. It has various types of booms that can lift different loads to different heights. These lorry cranes are commonly used for transporting heavy and bulky items like construction materials, machinery, and shipping containers, and for loading and unloading cargo at ports and transport hubs. Because of their flexibility and easy mobility, lorry cranes can be used in various settings.

What types of lorry cranes are available?

In Singapore, there are several common types of lorry cranes that are used in various industries for lifting and transporting heavy loads. Some of the most commonly used lorry cranes in Singapore are:

  • Truck-mounted crane: This is the most common type of lorry crane that is mounted on a truck chassis. These cranes are flexible and can be driven to the site of the lift.
  • Crawler crane: This type of lorry crane has a set of tracks instead of wheels, allowing it to move over rough or uneven terrain.
  • Rough terrain crane: This type of lorry crane has four large rubber wheels and can operate on uneven or muddy surfaces.
  • All-terrain crane: As the name suggests, this type of lorry crane can operate on both rough terrain and regular roads. It is designed to transport the load to the site and then lift it.
  • Telescopic crane: This type of lorry crane has a telescopic boom that can extend to different lengths to reach the load. This makes it ideal for lifting loads to high places.
  • Knuckle boom crane: This type of lorry crane has a folding arm that allows it to reach around obstacles and lift loads from different angles.

How do I choose the right lorry crane for my project?

For any project, selecting a suitable lorry crane needs careful consideration of a few aspects. When choosing a lorry crane, keep the following key factors in mind:

  1. Load weight and size: The size and weight of the load you need to lift will determine the capacity required for the lorry crane. You should pick a lorry crane whose lifting capability corresponds to the weight and size of your load.
  2. Distance: The distance your load needs to be transported will also affect the choice of the lorry crane. A lorry crane with a longer reach may be needed if the load needs to be transported over a greater distance.
  3. Terrain: If the terrain is rough, uneven or sloping, then a rough terrain lorry crane may be necessary to navigate the site and provide safe and stable lifting.
  4. Budget: The cost of renting a lorry crane will depend on the type of crane, the duration of the rental, and the location. It is important to consider the budget available for the project and compare the costs.

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