About Us

Introducing JustGo

Just Go is an on-demand logistics platform that provides tipper trucks services to the construction sector. We provide matching services for users with needs for tipper truck services with users who are able to provide these services.

JustGo Singapore


You can create a new job according to your specifications and offer job value according to your budget
JustGo Singapore


As a driver, you can search and accept jobs that are suitable for you within your current location and more!
JustGo Singapore


Complete your job, get authorisation from the site supervisor and earn your rewards, as simple as that!

JustGo's Mission

At JustGo, we build tools for businesses in the construction industry to connect with one another, so that we can thrive and achieve sustainability together, regardless of size and status.

Who We Serve

JustGo Singapore

Construction Companies

Businesses who need tipper truck services can conveniently create a booking on our app, and connect to ready drivers at their fingertips.

JustGo Singapore

Tipper Trucks Providers

Businesses who owns tipper trucks, be it construction companies or truck leasing companies, can ask drivers to download our app and search for any jobs at their convenience, with real time job data on the go.

JustGo Singapore

Tipper Truck Drivers

Tipper truck drivers are empowered with the flexibility to earn, and our technology makes it easier for them to accept a more efficient job.

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